What Are The Disadvantages of Playing Fifa Ultimate Team

What Are The Disadvantages of Playing Fifa Ultimate Team

Fifa ultimate team requires you to play the game consistently to earn Fifa Coins to play and enjoy their games. Some players will even buy fut coins to build relevant teams. While the game is a good game, it has some disadvantages. Some of which are;

It takes it from being a game to real

The goal of most video games is to add that natural feel and touch to their games, so the consumers can enjoy what they are playing. However, the realness will mean the player moves from having fun to building a career. Already, Fifa, as a game, is already an addictive sport because of its real graphics and other parts. The addition of the ultimate team to the game increases the possibility of someone waking up to earn more futcoins instead of have something better to do with their day. Hence, while it is crucial that a game is real, it is also vital that the realness does not come with disadvantages.

It increases the ability to become an addict

Addiction to games is a common phenomenon. With Fifa, it is a bit more common, but with the introduction of Fifa's ultimate team, it is a bit catastrophic. Game addicts become addicted to a game because of its interesting features, great storyline, and exciting levels. If these are the reason for a player's addiction to the ultimate team, it is understandable. The ultimate team makes the player feel like they own an entire club. They need to win games to improve their team, earn more virtual money (futcoins), and also become the best team. This increases the player's interest, and they spend all their time thinking, playing, planning, or enjoying the game. It increases the amount of time used in the game, both consciously and subconsciously.

Ai can sometimes misbehave

In the Fifa ultimate team, you have control of one player. The remaining ten players get controlled by the game's AI assistant. Because you have no control, the defensive play of those players can be very poor. And depending on your position, going to help them can be unnecessary because it will affect your stamina throughout the game.

It may cost too much sometimes

The reliance of the game on its virtual currency to compete can be too much. Once you have a lot of Fifa Coins, you will own the best team.


Already, video games are very addictive. Fifa, as a game, is so real that it feels as if you are playing a real soccer match. If you are not careful, you will find yourself spending the better parts of your hours playing a sport that will not make you money. The introduction of the Fifa ultimate team was almost as if the brand purposely decided to add some fuel to the fire. The Fifa ultimate team makes the video game much more natural and addictive. It involves a full managerial and ownership position, and this time, it is not just about winning a couple of games or scoring a goal. To make matters worse, players get to earn coins by playing the game. We have discussed some of the downsides of the Fifa ultimate team in this guide above.