Mastering the Art of Vape Pod Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for Maximum Efficiency

Mastering the Art of Vape Pod Cleaning: Tips and Tricks for Maximum Efficiency

Ever wonder why a vape pod starts to produce a burnt taste even if the coil is newly replaced and refilled with a fresh set of e-liquid? Here's an article about everything needed to know the culprit of this burnt-tasting puff. Say goodbye to this nasty taste and hello to a vaping experience just like with a brand-new pod vape kit.

Why is it Important to Clean Vape Pods?

Unlike vape pod systems with pre-filled e-liquid, refillable pods are prone to nasty build-ups called coil gunks. These are the residue left by previously used e-liquid on a refillable pod cartridge and continue to thicken in further usage. Too much coil gunk leads to discoloration of the pod cartridge, degrading its material, causing e-liquid leakage, and most notably, a burnt taste. Also, a discolored pod cartridge is somewhat embarrassing to use and look at. E-liquids mainly leave the so-called coil gunks with glucose sweeteners. In other words, the sweeter the flavor of an e-liquid, the more residue it will cause over time. Unfortunately, avoiding these kinds of e-liquid is not easy as it is by far the most loved flavor of many vapers, especially if it has a sweet and fruity flavour note. The solution is not always to buy a new cartridge but to learn how to clean it efficiently. Continuously buying a new e-liquid cartridge can be very expensive in the long run and also not efficient. Here's how to get rid of these coil gunks.

The Process of Cleaning the Pod Cartridge

Cleaning a pod cartridge is not a complicated task. It only requires a few ounces of patience and a little bit of determination to execute properly. When cleaning a pod cartridge, the first thing is to empty the remaining e-liquid content. Next is to remove the coil and leave the lid of the refilling chute open for the entire process. Get a bowl with hot water and put a generous amount of salt in it. The water must be hot but not boiling, which will melt the cartridge or cause unintended cracks. Put the pod cartridge into the hot water with salt and move it around while submerged using a cooking thong or a tweezer. Do it until the water gets warm. The coil gunk residue will surely be fully removed or lessened. Minor residue build-up will only require these steps to clean the pod cartridge completely, but in some cases where a cartridge has thicker coil gunk residue, a repeat of the whole process is required. When the coil gunk is only lessened, use a toothpick or needle and gently scrape the remaining residue. Remember, gently scrape! Then get another bowl of hot salt water and repeat the process to remove the unwanted e-liquid residue fully. Once done, dry the pod cartridge using a cotton cloth or towel. Tap the cartridge against the cloth with the coil hole facing it. Repeat until all water residue is gone. With a now cleaned pod cartridge, expect a vaping experience similar to when it was newly bought. No more burnt taste, only a fresh and tasty vaping experience.

Noteworthy Heads-Up Regarding Other Cleaning Methods

Some vapers use vodka as a cleaning agent for their pod cartridges. Still, upon personally doing it, this cleaning process leaves a bitter aftertaste even after washing it with running water. The vodka somehow seeped in on the cartridge's material. Some do Coke for cleaning, but the reality of this cleaning hack is it only makes the residue more sticky and harder to scrape to remove. Also, it does require more than 16 hours of soaking the pod cartridge in a bowl of Coke. Last is dishwashing liquid and water for cleaning a dirty pod cartridge. It failed to remove the coil gunk upon personally trying, and it also left the cartridge with a funny smell even after a couple of rinses with plain running water.


With the help of all the information and guides mentioned above, it is now easy to frequently clean refillable pod cartridges. It will guarantee the lifespan of the pod device and its cartridge and provide a sure high-quality vaping experience with a clean pod cartridge.