2021’s Dream Smartphone: Huawei Nova Series

2021’s Dream Smartphone: Huawei Nova Series

Today's smartphones are no longer just about communication. You can rely on them for map directions, entertainment, learning life basics, and several other functions. But what do you look for when you decide to get a smartphone?

A recent poll conducted in Africa states that young kids as young as 12 months old can differentiate between smartphones and regular phones. This means most people are not left back when deciding on a phone's OS, battery life, screen size, etc. But with the emerging trends in communication devices, there’s a lot you need to know about quality in the best smartphones. Read ahead to know more about these, including the trending cz nova for its eye-catching beauty and endless possibilities.

The Best Advanced & Inspiring Smartphones

A smartphone is not complete without some of the key features, the long-life battery, Ultra Vision camera, fast touch response rate, ambient audio recording with surrounding sound enhancements, and many other endless lists you know of.

These features tend to upgrade overnight, and unless you remain updated with the current trends, you may get yourself an old-school phone thinking you are matching the latest trends. But to save you the hassle, here are some of the latest unstoppable devices from Huawei's nova series. Feel free to use the immediate features here as a benchmark for your next big phone.

HUAWEI nova 9

The phone turns your dream colors from a plain imagination into a reality with its changing colors in different light frequencies. The outer coat takes on board an ultra-thin device meaning it also has a lightweight uniformly distributed in the phone. Nova 9 gives you a chance to explore a colorful world on a high refresh rate screen without shaking the battery's life.

It comes with advanced clarity in its camera system with a 50MP sensor fitted with an RYYB color filter. Its 4300Mah battery gets supercharged by a 66 W supercharge cable that is approximately 15 minutes to 70% and 30 minutes to a full charge.

Huawei nova 8

This curved OLED display features a super camera in a stunning design featuring the rings of Saturn around the camera system. Using COP technology, the manufacturers focused on the phone to have a narrow technological curved screen and fitted the phone with a heat dissipation technology made from graphene.

The technology senses any heating areas in the phone and acts promptly, calming them down. Nova 8 is also fitted with MeeTime that guarantees you high-quality video calls at any time to any region.

Nova 8i

The 6.67’ Edgeless display is filled with unlimited fun and refined with a superior level of craftsmanship that produces the phone’s magnificent display. You can choose from Moonlight silver, Starry Black and Interstellar Blue colors for this model. You, however, don't need to struggle on what color to buy for, so it would be best if you chose a single color that matches your moods with its over 16 million colors to choose from.

Huawei NovaY60

Huawei promotes its designs for everyone and style for view with its love, utmost smooth flow, convenience, and security. This ensures an immersive viewing experience when watching on the large 6". It, however, exceeds Nova 9's, 8, and 8i battery capacity with a marvelous 5000 mAh capacity. The phone has countless continuous specifications whose developments are all focused on growth with special optimization for gameplay.  The nova series is also nova 7 that floats into your heart with breathtaking specific effects and acute functionality.

You can always visit Huawei's consumers' online shop to get acquainted with every latest phone and the current trends in the market.